Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Purtyful me an my pink rope!

Me and my gang!

Some more pics!
{turn an burn}
[shake n Bake]


Monday, November 17, 2008

Are you right with the man who died on that rugged ole cross for the sins you were to later
commit so that he could have you ask for forgiveness and him constantly give you that second

read em an weep!

I am putting this picture on here to remind you of what an awesome sport team roping and it makes me think of what heaven might and might not be like and if there will be this kind of stuff in heaven i hope there is !
me lamar and jake!
This is me and one of my best friends at the in house ranch rodeo
me heading and him in pursuit of heels! the rope looks like a pink laser looks purty kool!
These are some of the hans! i ride wit this is at the end of the ranch rodeo series that cross brand cowboy church put on! it was a blast and in case you didnt know its a church function an that church is tha bomb! you should try it!
This is me on Dan the man the headin horse that i love to ride we are participating
in the playday! so cute! right? I think so!
This is what i want in my life
Will i get it? Who knows!!!!